“Great original artists take a tradition into themselves. They have not shunned but digested it. Then the very conflict set up between it and what is new in themselves and in their environment creates the tension that demands a new mode of expression” — John Dewey

The logo ubiquity of Time Square

Logo design as we think of it now is comprised of corporate, polished brands so embedded into our daily lives that we rarely even give them a second thought. But the origins of the things we call “logos” date back to the dawn of human history, when the first signs and symbols were created…

Their Meaning and Their Function as an Aid to Civilization and Commerce

“A sign is something by knowing we know something more.” — Charles Sanders Peirce

Signs and symbols have become ubiquitous in our modern lives. Their simplified vernacular has all but receded from our awareness in many circumstances, merging with our subconscious as we navigate through day-to-day life. Modern symbols are transcendent, transcultural, and transmedia. Symbols have many purposes, most of which can be distilled down into three overarching categories — to identify, to describe, or to create value. While we mostly associate symbols these days with trademarks, and therefore commerce, early symbols obviously served an entirely different function — to…

J.D. Reeves

graphic designer from the middle of america. www.jdreeves.com

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